La Cocalière cave is open every day, from 15 March to the Autumn half-term holidays.

Opening hours

From 15 March to 30 June : 10 am – 12 am/2 pm – 5 pm
From 1 July to 31 August : 10 am – 6 pm
From 1 September until half-term : 10 am – 12 am/2 pm – 5 pm

GPS coordinates

04° 09 52’’ E - 44° 18 30’’ N

Some helpful distances

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* Constant temperature inside the cave (Celsius).


Pour nous contacter

La grotte de la Cocalière est ouverte tous les jours, du 15 mars aux vacances de la Toussaint.

TEL : +33 (0)4 66 24 34 74
FAX : +33 (0)4 66 24 20 13

Grotte de la Cocalière
30500 COURRY


Du 15 mars au 30 juin : 10h-12h / 14h-17h
Du 1 juillet au 31 août : 10h-18h
Du 1 septembre à la Toussaint : 10h-12h /14h-17h

"The discovery trail: admire the beauty of the outdoor environment too."

From the reception area, you can access a fully signposted discovery trail that takes you through a very typical Karst landscape. Follow the path to discover a special place, the chapel of Saint Bernard, a rock testimonial to episodes of history that include the Protestant gatherings in the “Desert”, the counter-revolutionary opposition and more.

During your walk, you’ll also see a dolmen, a dry stone hut and the ruins of an old farming site, where limestone block walls and a rock pile are all that remain.

This walk in the open air is also an invitation to discover the plant life of the Mediterranean. Depending on the season, you’ll see red valerian clinging to the rocky towers, terebinths showing their blushing red clusters of flowers, coronilla and its yellow flowers, and more.

And here and there you’ll see young green oak trees, juniper trees and a few blackberry bushes and olive trees, reminders of the farming activity which has since died out here.


Païolive woods
Païolive woods

Païolive groupNext to La Cocalière cave stand the Païolive woods, one of the most beautiful karst landscapes in the South of France.

Set between the Beaume river in the north and La Cocalière cave in the south, their massive limestone rocks include tower-like relief features and Gras, limestone plateaus which were once used for pasture.

Rivers and underground networks run through it in all directions. At Païolive, nature offers us rare values: space, freedom, wild flora and fauna, mysteries, peace and a return to our roots.

You will be able to discover the extraordinary biodiversity of the woods and the interdependence of all living beings: rare mosses, ancient lichen, one hundred-year-old trees, butterflies, dragonflies, cicadas, rose chafers, birds and even bats.

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